Lilulu リリースされました!

香港のゲーム会社のSimplist Limitedの新作「Lilulu」の音楽をmanamik/清田愛未が担当させて頂きました!



リリース初日Google Play Storeの《有料、パズルゲームランキング》台湾1位、日本1位、韓国2位だったそうです。

The first announcement!I was in charge of the music for the new game “Lilulu” by Simplist Limited, a game company in Hong Kong!It’s a puzzle solving game.

To put it simply, the characters, world, and clothes are cute, and the world is mysterious! The music is Kiyota’s mystical style!

On the first day of its release, it ranked first in Taiwan, first in Japan, and second in Korea in the Google Play Store’s “Paid Puzzle Game Ranking.

I had a lot of fun writing the music for this game, which I really like.
I’d be very happy if you could play it!
I’ll let you know if there is any further news.


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